Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hope from a fortune cookie

This weekend, I found this message in my fortune cookie and I am hoping that it refers to my sanity ;) Doubtful but can't blame me for wishing it was so ;)

Hope you are all doing well. Sorry for the blog silence but we have been submersed in football land... not me... the boys ;) xox

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Monday/Tuesday... into Wednesday

Monday was a holiday here (Labour Day) so I assumed- silly me- that I managed to escape a typical "Monday" at work. Boy, was I wrong! My Tuesday ended up being so "Monday-ish"... including my early morning train being almost 1 hour late to a broken photocopier at work to a broken projector in my classroom to constant little annoyances... ALL DAY LONG! Did I mention that I had forgotten to buy coffee for my work machine? Oh, yes, that went wrong as well ;) This morning I woke up feeling hopeful.... until we discovered a flat on one of our cars (at least it was only one at the time) and I developed a general grumpy mood. OK, Monday, I had enough! Stop polluting the other days of the week ;)

Wishing you all a better start to the week than I had ;) xox

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Back to school part 2

Today is Alexander's first day back at school. As predicted, he was not too happy to get up early but, once up, didn't complain too much about not being allowed to sleep until 11am ;) He was even in a good enough mood to let Andreas and me take a picture of him before he left ;) I have noticed already that Nicka and Oliver are less tolerant of pictures than when they were younger but- let me tell you- Mr. Teenage Alexander is really a hit or miss for picture time. Luckily, today was a hit and we got him ;) Maybe it was because I bribed him with lunch money ;)

Here is the first day of grade 9!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Back to school part 1

Today was back to school for both Nicklas and Oliver. I can hardly believe it: grade 6 and grade 3! This morning's routine was a bit rough because it seemed so unfamiliar... and early.... and without enough caffeine (for me... not them) ;) They boys, even though they were denying it, seemed excited to see their friends again and to meet their new teachers. We even made it out the door 20 minutes before I had expected to leave. It was a good start! Let's see what happens tomorrow when Alexander starts. Getting that kid out of bed is a much bigger challenge ;)

See you tomorrow for part 2 xox

The usual "First Day Back at School" picture

Grade 3

Grade 6

The kid that is still sleeping behind this window will be in grade 9 tomorrow ;)

Sunday, August 19, 2018

My (not so) secret addiction

Soon, it is back to school time. All my life, I loved this time of year. Sure, part of it was because I missed my friends.... another part was because I was always excited to see who my new teacher was.... and another part was because it was always exciting to start something new. All those, together, might have accounted for about 25% of my love for back to school time. The remaining 75% was- and still is- school supply shopping. My not so secret addiction is school supplies :)
I LOVE school supplies... the feeling of being able to (haha!) get organized... the new-ness of the pencils and pens... the fluorescent highlighters... the sticky notes... the clean binders... the endless possibilities of a new agenda ;) I can spend hours wandering in the aisles, just looking at (and buying) supplies ;) My boys think I am strange... but, maybe, that is why I ended up a teacher ;)

Happy school supply shopping :) xox

Monday, August 13, 2018

Slow back to routine

Today is my first day back at work. To be honest, I am not quite sure how I feel about it yet. The return to routine is always a mix of relief and panic at the same time. The boys still have a little over 2 weeks left of their summer breaks but already you can feel a sense of winding down... no more swim meets... tennis ending... fall football starting... school supply shopping... the mad dash to get that last minute dentist/doctor appointment... soccer playoffs.... school shoe shopping.... seeing whether last year's school clothes still fit.... starting to think about the return to school lunches. As much as I feel the summer is a non stop whirl wind of activity, it seems so short when it is over.

Happy Monday! xox

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


I am a sucker... and I am fully aware of it. I am the type of person who, no matter how much I don't feel like volunteering or taking care of something, always ends up with it on their plate. You know the kind? The one who tries not to make eye contact with the person asking for help, yet always seems to make eye contact? The person who can see red flags coming 500 miles away, yet ends up doing it anyway? The one who loudly tells everyone that they will never do it again, yet does it anyway? The one who thinks to themselves "What a dumb project!", yet finds themselves in charge of it. Well, that is me. Sucker... su-cker! All of my friends are either just like me (you know who you are!)... or spend most of their time laughing at me (you also know who you are!). The thing is that I don't need thanks for it, nor do I need to feel needed... I am just a sucker ;) Plain and simple!

So, in honour of the fact that I just spent most of the day doing something that I really could have felt better NOT doing (and no- it was not laundry), I will now sit on my front porch and have a coffee... and let go of my sucker-dom for a little while ;) Ha!

Wishing you all a great rest of your day... being sucker free, I hope ;) xox

Yups... that says it all about me ;)

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Chauffeur service and back seat drivers

Today was a very typical day where all I seemed to accomplish was chauffeuring boys (actually, today it was just one boy... Oliver) to and from activities: to the pool, home, to the pool again, home again, to tennis lessons, home again. All the while, Oliver is looking out the window and delivering a non stop commentary on just about everything from to how others drive (too fast), to how I drive (too slow), to how many red cars he sees (not enough), to how many bumps we hit on the road (too many), to how we do not stop at for ice cream nearly enough... anyway, you get the picture. When we got home, I asked him for a tip and all I got was a clap on the hand and him telling me to keep the change ;) I had to remember that it could be worse... Alexander will be able to drive in just over 2 years. I think that I will enjoy my chauffeur status for as long as I can ;)

Hope you all had a good day! xox

Please note that Oliver did have a seat belt on while we were driving. He took it off before I had the chance to take his picture.

I also don't take photos while I drive... and I try not to drive into parks ;)

Saturday, July 28, 2018


It is amazing how much dry, hot weather is affecting the world these days. Every time I turn on the news, there are terrible images of forest fires in Greece, the USA, Sweden, Canada (just to name a few). Despite two wet days last week, we have had very little rain since the spring time. Usually, I would love the summer warmth but the weather is taking a terrible toll on nature and farming. When we were in Tadoussac last week, we saw the aftermath of someone's lawn that had suddenly caught fire. Very charred and very scary!

Here is to wishing the very hot and dry places a little bit of rain... and respite!


Monday, July 23, 2018

Our "little" hike in the Saguenay Fjord

As most of you know, Andreas is Scandinavian. If you are Scandinavian, you think that you own all the fjords in the world. Haha, Scandinavia! We actually have one here in Québec (you can read about it in this link). A good one too ;) So, true to his Scandinavian roots, Andreas wanted to check out the Saguenay Fjord.... and so we went!

To see the fjord, it is always really nice to climb up a nearby mountain. We were told (the boys and I... by Andreas) that we would go on a "little" hike to appreciate the full beauty of the area (no argument here... it IS beautiful). The only thing that came as a bit of a surprise (to Andreas as well) was that the top of the mountain (ie: best view) was like being on a stair master for 4 hours... on intense ;) I think Oliver started complaining as soon as we started ;) and the only thing that kept him going was the small girl who was right after us. As soon as she got close, he miraculously recovered his energy and made a mad dash to get ahead ;)

Anyway, after not really exercising for a few days, I feel like I have made amends ;) The view from the top of the mountain was absolutely beautiful and I am amazed that anyone would have put the energy into building stone steps up a mountain side. There is a statue of the Virgin Mary at the top so I am assuming it was (or still is) a kind of pilgrimage (details here). On the way down, I had to resist the urge to wish good luck to those starting their climb... especially the girl with flip flops... hope you made it! My biggest word of advice: do it... once... and bring lots of water.

The boys earned their Fortnite session back at the hotel ;)

See you all when we get home again! First stop, a "little" walk in Québec City ;) and then Montréal... xox

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Camping adventures in Grandes-Bergeronnes

OK... let's put it all out there: I am not a big camping fan. While I don't totally hate it, camping usually fits somewhere on the "meh" scale for me. This time, Andreas can consider himself a camping-booking-genius because we had, not only the best weather, but the best view ever (see the link for Camping Mer et Monde here). We literally were able to whale watch from the picnic table at our camp site. Yesterday, the dinner show included a bottle of good red wine and some fin whale/beluga/blue whale sightings. The boys didn't even remember their Fortnite withdrawal while the whales were right in front of us (NOW that is something!). The thing that I liked the most was that we were not on a boat, going to the whales but that they actually came to us! It was totally awesome and, needless to say, I absolutely recommend it. Yes, me. I am actually recommending camping. Just do it. You are welcome ;)

After our beautiful weather, we are now sitting in our hotel room in Rivière Éternité, Québec. We came here for a "little" hike to see the Saguenay Fjord. Ummm....the hike did not end up being so little so we are now enjoying the much deserved break. Pictures will follow tomorrow..... Also, to give Andreas further credit in the planning department, it is now raining.... and we are no longer in a tent... and camping is no longer on the "meh" scale ;) Tomorrow, we head back to Montreal... and home!

Now, here is a bit of photo spam from Grandes-Bergeronnes.... and the whales:

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Postcard from Tadoussac

Andreas, the boys and I are in Tadoussac (see here). After stopping at Montmorency Falls, we continued on to Tadoussac, checked into our hotel, had a lovely dinner and then went for a beautiful walk around the fjord. This place is absolutely stunning....

After tonight, we will be camping for 2 days (= no more internet) so I will save up the other pictures for Sunday when we get back to a hotel. Yes, the 2 hotel nights were Andreas' compromise to me ;) I don't mind camping but just not 4 nights worth ;)

Sending love from Tadoussac xox

Montmorency Falls

Lots of boys!

Malbaie, QC

Gamers in the car

Happy man!


In the woods

Part of our "literature" walk


Looking for the belugas