Sunday, May 31, 2015


I am sitting in my Winnipeg hotel room, getting ready for my flight home. The conference went well and I had a lovely night out (early night out) with one of my co-speakers. I was back in my room by 9:30 and enjoyed a bit of cheesy tv watching and long shower without someone banging on the door. Funny thing was that my hotel room was almost TOO quiet (does that exist?) and I missed all of my boys ;)

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

The view from my hotel room

TWO beds even!!!

Our talk was well received :)

My much appreciated Manhattan!

Welcome to Winnipeg ;)

The sunset over Winnipeg

Friday, May 29, 2015


I don't know what is busier: the crazy semester or cleaning up after the crazy semester ;) Tomorrow, I am flying (yes, just me) halfway across Canada to give a 20 minute talk at a conference. My big motivation (besides the professional aspects, of course!): I get a hotel room TO MYSELF FOR ONE EVENING!!!! Yes, the TV channels that I like, a big bed to myself, a bathtub without the obligatory child yelling after me and a mini bar ;) I will be home on Sunday so I don't think that anyone will even notice that I am gone... except for, maybe, less nagging at our house ;)

See you in Winnipeg :)

Some "green" pictures from my way into work today:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A field of fleas ;)

I coach all 3 of my boys' soccer teams. There are always the pros (it is fun; I get to hang out with the boys; good exercise) and cons (LOTS o'attitude!) with each of the teams but I have to say that the most amusing of all the teams is definitely Oliver's! I like to think of them as a field of fleas (or a bunch of drunk college students- all doing their own "no logic" thing). This past weekend, we had our first "game", which included a 20 minute practice session that included both teams and was run by some young AA soccer players that the league hired. Despite the teeanagers' great intentions and energy, I think that they lost the kids at "kick your ball with your RIGHT foot".... none of the kids had any idea which foot was the "right" foot and just thought it was hilarious. They also seemed to think that it gave them permission to kick at everything (the grass, the flowers, each other.... oh yeah- and the ball) with both of their feet... at the same time even.

Disclosure:  I have to say that the same thing happens when I am coaching them (even when it is not about their right feet) but it is much funnier when I just get to watch ;)

Happy week to you all! xox

What trouble can I get into now? ;)

With your RIGHT foot... no, that is the WRONG foot... I mean LEFT foot.... I mean..... ;)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Saying goodbye to one family member... and saying hello to another :)

It is no secret: Andreas and I drive rust boxes ;) Our "new car" is 10 years old and the "old car" is a teenager ;) Anyway, while we were *just looking* at a car dealership, we found our ideal car... used and on sale! We needed to get something in the near future because our family just didn't fit in Andreas' car anymore (it only seats 4 so I was out). We just didn't imagine this soon! Anyway, today we sold our trusty old Nissan to the lovely young daughter of close friends of ours and we welcomed our newest family member....  I guess we are now unintentional members of the mini van club ;) While I have never been a big fan of mini vans, I'll suck it up because of the heated seats and sun roof ;) The boys are excited to have leg room for a change and now we can do groceries without having to have them sit on it/put it on their laps for the car ride home.... Andreas is a happy man in the new car- now we just have to figure out what all the buttons do and hope that he doesn't find the "eject the naggy wife" feature ;)

Happy Friday to you all... we're going for a drive xox

The last "sit" on the old Nissan

Andreas saying good bye to his car...

In the new car!

Welcome to the Honda!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Party weekend!

This weekend was pretty exciting: we had Oliver's birthday party (at an indoor playpark) and then we continued our own first-dinner-on-the-new-patio-furniture-with-friends-and-wine party ;) It was a much needed event... especially after Oliver's birthday ;)

This is the first chance that I have to sit down and catch my breath since. It is a busy time of year where the summer activities (ie: soccer) are overlapping with the school year. That means a lot of rushing around after school, getting the boys ready for their practices and trying to finish homework at the same time!

Hope you are all having a good week so far! Hope to catch up later :)

Oliver in captivity ;)

Nicka in the "cage"

Getting ready for games!

Learning the rules

The big boys played too!

Oliver and his best buddy

Nicka wishing that I would stop taking pictures!

The gang! Yes, A, you are famous on my blog ;)

Olivier? Oops... can you all tell that we live in a French province? ;)

The best time.... ever!

This is the life ;)
NO... THIS is the life! ;)

Proud man and his home brew... on tap ;)

Keep the fun times rollin' ;)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Five years old!

Yesterday, Oliver turned 5 years old! When he got up, it was present time (= Lego Movie video game and a new baseball cap). We went to the toy shop to buy some bubbles and then went out for lunch. It is a birthday tradition in our family to choose a restaurant for your special day. Of all the darn restaurants around, Oliver insisted that we go to MacDonald's... because it has a park... and lots of kids.... and he got to choose it... and I think that he knows that I am not a fan... and (OK, I have to admit this one) the french fries are pretty good... ;)

When we got back home, we sang "Happy Birthday" to him in all 3 official languages of our home (English, Swedish and French). He blew out the candles and made a wish...

Hope you had a great day, baby boy! xox

Wishing you all a cosy weekend! The "kid" party is on Sunday so there will be more pictures to come!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Guess who....

.... has a birthday tomorrow.... :) So OF COURSE we had to make cupcakes to take to dagis (daycare)! This is one happy boy!

5 years already! How time flies!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers' Day

Yesterday, my sweet boys spoiled me with lovely gifts for Mothers' Day. I am blessed for the love that I have in my life.... even if they make me crazy some days.... like now.... because we are doing homework.... ;)

I hope that all of you who are mothers at heart were well-celebrated xox

A Nicka bookmark!

A beautiful card and necklace from Alexander

Love it!

Coloured carnations from Nicka

Paper flowers from Oliver

A very personalized card from Nicklas :)

Nicklas didn't want to leave his father out ;)

A flower made with Nicka's hands (PS: he is our crafty kid) ;)

From Oliver (with a little help from his daycare teachers) ;)

Saturday, May 9, 2015


I have been teaching university for 15 years and one thing doesn't change: I am a sucker for punishment ;) Despite the warnings of my colleagues, every year I manage to set up assignments that I believe are important but are a pain to correct! SO... where have I been these past 2 weeks? I have been buried under a mountain of papers that needed correction!!!!!! Missing every possible deadline for grade submission, I get looks of sympathy and ridicule from both colleagues and administration... (Disclaimer: they are getting used to it... and so am I) ;)
Will I do this again? Yes. Why? I absolutely hate multiple choice exams.... As a student, I hated having to write them. As a prof, I still hate having to write them. I hate correcting them. I hate the fact that I know that the majority of students are guessing. I hate that they do not reflect actually KNOWING the material....
So, in the mean time, my deadline of deadlines is Monday so I shall see you soon... my pile of what I have left to correct is getting smaller and smaller... :)

Wishing you all a great weekend... and wishing myself an army of "graders" in the future ;)


Corrected (small pile) vs non corrected (big pile)

Travelling? NO... a means of getting my papers home :)

New discovery... standing while correcting ;)

Pile is getting smaller :)