Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Running homework and mail from the tooth fairy...

Nicka will be participating in a school fun run so, as homework, he is being encouraged to practice running at home. Since the boys were a pack of energy yesterday afternoon, I decided to take them for a run. Andreas wasn't home yet so Oliver got a piggyback ride (yes, I felt a little like a pack mule) and the boys and I went for a run around the block. Of course, both Nicka and Alexander ended up competing with each other and they both fell.... I swear the neighbours were looking at me like I was crazy ;)

Alexander got a card from the Tooth Fairy with some money in it. The note was to apologize for having forgotten to pick up his lost tooth the night before. I am sure that the Tooth Fairy felt very bad but she must have been very busy ;) He seemed to have forgiven her... whew!

After the run... we look SO excited....

Nicka in action

Card from the Tooth Fairy :P

The writing looks vaguely familiar ;)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cool things....

Just a few "cool things" that I was able to take pictures of.... and yes, they do not include snow ;) I got a cool pic of Oliver, at least. When the bigger boys are not in the mood, it is next to impossible to take pictures of them (only their Lego)!

My old Danish bike xox

A double rainbow!

Historic gate... love the rusty details!

Ahhh... spring :)


More orchids

My old cat taking a ride on McQueen

Cool Oliver :)

One of my fave mugs... with great coffee!

How could a Spider Man car not be cool? ;)

The Lego Master strikes again... very cool!

Monday, April 28, 2014

I heart the Irma Chicken

In Copenhagen, by the lakes- Dronning Louises bridge, to be precise, there is an old neon sign on the top of a building that advertises Irma eggs. Irma is a Danish grocery store chain and the chicken (along with the Irma girl) is one of the iconic "faces" of the brand. Actually, it is now considered much more than an advertisement but more of  a landmark in the Copenhagen suburb of Nørrebro (for more information see this link). Ever since I first arrived in Denmark, this chicken has been my favourite!  I used to dream about living just below the famous laid egg. Others, such as super cool Danish blogger Sandra at ClassicCopenhagen, also have this chicken in their hearts.
Recently, I found a great poster of this chicken on!!! It is now at my house, framed and ready to be put in a place of honour on my office wall. A little bit of happiness for those long work days, where I need just a bit of inspiration.... Ahhhhh! Love!

For more images of the Irma Chicken, check out Sandra's blog. Her pictures are MUCH better than mine!

The print of the Irma Chicken... so cool :)

Sunday, April 27, 2014


We are very lucky to have neighbours who have boys just the same age as ours. All we have to do is go outside and, one by one, the boys come out to play. This morning was rainy so we stayed inside and were treated to a pretend brunch, courtesy of Alexander and Oliver. I even got a free brunch because I had enough super points on my card (I have no idea where they got that from!). After "brunch", we went outside to play, the neighbourhood boys came out and we ended up having coffee with our friends who live 2 houses down from us. Play time for parents too ;)

Now it is time for homework and dinner preparation.... Good evening to you all :)

Brunch time!

Yummy plastic food...

Nicka on his scooter

Alexander on his bike

Oliver and his worm friend

Gardening time

Saturday, April 26, 2014

April showers bring May flowers.... I hope ;)

Today is really rainy outside. This means 2 things: 1) the boys are totally bored and 2) I don't know what to do with them ;) I am trying to take advantage of the crappy weather in order to tackle some of the work that I didn't get done because we were all sick (!!!). Anyway, the boys are not buying that...

I think that I may have briefly mentioned it before but I am a scientist. You know the whole publish or perish thing? Well, it is true... so yesterday, when I managed to get a paper published, it was a good day! Today, I am sort of still in relax mode because I finally got that work off my plate :) Andreas even bought me flowers! Impressive...

For this evening's dinner, I am going to fix tacos for the boys (all 4 of them) and maybe treat myself to a cosy glass of wine.... Happy Saturday to all!

Grey day

Bird on a wire

If it means flowers, I'll take the rain!

Ahhh... green!

Roses from Andreas

Friday, April 25, 2014

Oliver's balloon

Oliver is totally in love with balloons and bubbles so, yesterday, when he found one small balloon left in a bag, he was in heaven. In honour of the end of the week, here are some pictures of Oliver and his balloon creation.
Happy Friday and happier weekend to you all :)

Time to draw the tongue

Of course, the balloon needs eye lashes ;P

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Feeling better

Three things that I have noticed while the family has been sick: 1) kids always recover faster than adults; 2) recovering kids have no sympathy for sick parents (ie: mothers) and 3) whatever goes around the family, men always get the worst case..... ever ;)

We're mostly feeling better today (boys almost 100%, me about 70% and Andreas about 40%). It is a beautiful day outside and I may take a walk with the dog later on. Hopefully the fresh air will bring me to at least 90% before I have to pick up the boys!

Good day to all!

Good morning!

A bit of relaxation in the front yard

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A family that is sick together, stays together ;)

Except for Nicka who was sick a few days back, the rest of us now have it. I kept all the boys home from school because there was NO way that I was going to drive in if anyone else became sick later on in the day :P

Hope you have a better day than us ;)

A statue from Bisbebjerg hospital, Denmark... hope we are all better soon!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another lost tooth

Alexander wanted me to show off his new lost tooth (2 in 2 weeks!) and the money that he got from the tooth fairy. Tooth fairy is going to be totally broke soon ;)

By the way, this is my 100th post! :)

2 in a row!

Soon I will have enough money to buy Lego Land ;)

Etsy addict... Wanderlust Clothing

 I have already mentioned a few times that I am an Etsy addict. For those who don't know of Etsy, you have to check it out... it is kind of like Ebay but craftier :) Even without shopping, it is a great place to browse and become inspired by the ideas. Another aspect that I really like is that you get to meet the person behind the purchase. Over the years, I have met some really lovely sellers- people who really put themselves into their work. One of the nicest sellers that I have ever met is Trish Stenzel of Wanderlust Clothing in Australia (click on her name for the link to her Etsy shop). Her work is so vibrant and a great quality. I love her retro-style prints and the workmanship is amazing! She makes great skirts with a fantastic yoga style waist band and tops/dresses that are very Japanese inspired. The fabric is a great quality that works well for travelling because it doesn't crease and it falls nicely, even after a day of sitting at a desk ;) Check out her site... and the many others on Etsy!

I have my eyes on this skirt (happy early birthday present to me? ;) ):

There is something about baboushkas ;)

Skirt #1 that I bought from Trish: Retro style bird fabric... more vibrant orange in real life...
Love it!

Skirt #2: Awesome nature/city print!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sick boy :(

Last night, Nicka woke up sick. Poor guy! He is much better now but whatever he had took a few casualties: the bedding, some favourite toys and me (who had to get up with him. I SO wish that Oliver still needed nap times). On the agenda today: lots of laundry and, hopefully, some more biking around. I added a "pre-sick" bike photo from late yesterday afternoon...
Have a good one!

Pre sick bike ride

Casualties of the stomach bug

Tablet + some cereal = boy who feels better

Sunday, April 20, 2014

In the sunshine...

We're spending our Easter in the sun! It is SO nice to be able to clean the garden and our backyard! The boys are getting a good dose of sunshine and exercise.... maybe they will even fall asleep early tonight ;)


I couldn't wait for real flowers ;)

Cleaning the yard

Caution: boys playing :)

The last bit of snow :)

Yah for sandals!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

The boys brought out their creative genius side and decorated Easter eggs :) Considering they ate about a million jelly beans/chocolate eggs/chocolate bunnies this morning at my sister's place, I am amazed that they actually sat down for about a half hour to do this! I think that we'll be spending some more time outside now... hopefully running around ;)

Happy Easter to you all :)