Thursday, April 24, 2014

Feeling better

Three things that I have noticed while the family has been sick: 1) kids always recover faster than adults; 2) recovering kids have no sympathy for sick parents (ie: mothers) and 3) whatever goes around the family, men always get the worst case..... ever ;)

We're mostly feeling better today (boys almost 100%, me about 70% and Andreas about 40%). It is a beautiful day outside and I may take a walk with the dog later on. Hopefully the fresh air will bring me to at least 90% before I have to pick up the boys!

Good day to all!

Good morning!

A bit of relaxation in the front yard


  1. How is it that men are always SO much sicker than women?! ;)

    Poor you, but glad you're all feeling better!

    1. Thanks so much, Fiona! I have no idea... my theory is that they are actually ALLOWED to get sick... that or they have weaker genes ;) Happy weekend to you!