Friday, August 30, 2019

First day of school, part 1

Today is the first day of school for Oliver and Nicklas. Oliver is now in grade 4 and, for Nicklas, it is the first day of high school! Unfortunately, it was absolutely pouring out so all of the usual rituals- both at home and at school- were scrapped in order to avoid a soggy start to the year ;) Especially at elementary school, all the kids usually line up in their previous grade lines and their new teachers will come out with a list of their students and bring their students into their new classroom. This year, the kids just ran into the school, trying to keep their new supplies dry ;) With Nicklas, I drove him to his new school but just dropped him off in the herd of other parents doing the same thing. Clutching his new lock and combination, as well as his schedule, I am sure that he regretted the move to high school. I am also sure that this feeling will change by the end of the day ;) Alexander starts on Tuesday so, at least next week, Nicklas will have a relatively friendly (?) face around.

I have absolutely no idea where the summer went to. Andreas has been in Denmark for work (coming home tomorrow) so the last 2 weeks seem like a blur of driving to football, buying groceries, trying to get organized for school, getting all the last minute doctor appointments in and trying to get my own work done. I suddenly went from getting the boys ready each morning for swimming lessons to making lunches for school... argh! What happened?

Anyway, the routine is coming back and the evenings are starting to get darker and cooler. I like the return to autumn... as long as I forget all about winter. I remind the boys that the start of each school year is fun, exciting and a new page (yes, I get dirty looks and eye rolls when I say that).

Happy first day of school (part 1)!!! Wishing you all a great year ahead xox

First day of school

First day of grade 4

First day of high school (grade 7)

Monday, August 12, 2019

Life with a Gecko

Do you remember that Oliver got a gecko for his birthday? His name is Camo and he is really cute. If you didn't read about it yet, you can get caught up on the story here.

Anyway, just thought that I would give you an update on life with a gecko in the house: The gecko itself is really cute. He has grown a lot and likes to peak his head out of his little "cave". He is, indeed, much more lively than our hermit crabs (that wasn't really hard, though) and, although he doesn't really like being picked up, he tolerates it. I say "he" but we don't really know for sure. Also, when we got him, the pet store person wasn't sure if Camo was a regular sized or giant gecko... we are starting to realize we hit the jackpot (?!?) with the giant version ;)

Oliver started off being a very responsible gecko feeder. Unfortunately, one of the crickets jumped on him and it freaked him out so now Andreas and I have taken over the task. At one point, I would have considered trying to eat cricket based food as an alternative protein source (yes, for me... they even sell it at Provigo) but I have solidly changed my mind ;) Actually, speaking of the crickets, they are much more work than the actual gecko. It has become pretty routine in the house to pick up errant crickets from the floor or to hear them chirping from behind the radiators. They make me think that we are in a permanent state of camping... and you know how much I love camping ;) Anyway, I have to change their cricket house way more often than the gecko itself.... and they need special food and water and things where they can hide under and.... anyway, you get the idea... gecko = little work.... crickets = a ton of work ;) I am starting to wonder if geckos like take out instead ;)

Anyway, here is a little Camo photo spam. Maybe he can start selling insurance soon ;) xox

"Hurry up and take the picture!"


Camo is almost more hyper than Oliver is ;)

Our cricket colony (and yes, they are in a plastic container and not just hanging out on our table top!)