Thursday, May 30, 2019

Checking in

Hello all! Just checking in ;) I have been a very crappy at keeping up this blog lately... oops! Everything seems to be busy on every level. The boys are already into their football and rugby seasons. Andreas and I are starting summer soccer now. At work, we just transitioned from winter to summer semesters. Oliver had his birthday party. The boys' school years are winding down. I am preparing for my trip to Denmark (more on that later). Anyway, you get the idea ;) 

Here are some pictures of the past week or so... I promise to check in more often... and I know that I have said that a few times lately ;) Hope you are all doing well and have the patience to also check in here from time to time xox

Oliver at football

Oliver's birthday party

Nicka at his graduating class car wash

Alexander's rugby game

Thanks for checking in :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The last of the single digits

It is Oliver's 9th birthday today! The last of the single digits... Maybe because he is our third child or maybe because there is so much chaos in the house, time seems to go by so fast. Suddenly, he is no longer the baby. In same ways, I will miss that part of our lives. In other ways, I enjoy seeing the boys grow up into beautiful young men.

Happy birthday, Ollie! Even if you don't like when I say it, you will always be my little man xox

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Gecko Day!

Oliver's birthday is May 15. This year, he wanted a gecko. I know, I know... we had the exciting hermit crabs (here) but geckos actually move 😉 so I was on board. So was Andreas... so much that I am not sure if the gecko is for Oliver or for him 😉.

So today, we picked up the gecko from the pet store. His name is Camo (for the spots on his back... Oliver named him... can you tell?). We also picked up the crickets, the cricket gel (yes, the crickets get water in gel form... otherwise, they drown. They are very smart 😉 ), the meal worms (which now live in our refrigerator) and the 5 million accessories needed for a good gecko life.

Wecome, Camo! Now you are a part of our chaos 😉

The proud gecko pappa ;)

Meet Camo

Sunday, May 5, 2019


Today was just a beautiful day! You know, one of those days where the sun warms your bones and you just feel happy....

I spent most of the day cleaning up the garden and drinking iced coffees. It was exactly what I had craved all winter long (both the garden and the iced coffee part 😉). Oliver was very excited to help me plant... well... at least up until the moment he found a centipede in the soil. After that, he was more focused on making the centipede a little house and I was back in charge of gardening tasks.

Just before dinner, Andreas and I sat on our front steps and had a glass of wine. The boys were all outside playing. The cat was hanging out in the sun. It was heaven.... ahhhhh!

Hope you all had a great day! xox