Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Our exciting hermit crabs;)

Actually, I am being a bit sarcastic here.... imagine that ;) Remember when we bought hermit crabs (here) because Oliver was heartbroken that we couldn't bring our PEI friends home with us? Well... I must say that they are not the most entertaining pets that you could ever hope for ;) On a regular basis, I have to dig them out from their hiding places and make sure that they are still alive. Once dug out, I place them in their food bowl (I NEVER see them eat) and the big entertainment is watching them run... seriously, they run... back into their coconut shell and dig themselves under the coconut shavings that line their home. After I put them in the food bowl, I have to call out the boys to hurry up and see their little pets move... otherwise, they disappear until the next "dig out".
OK.. I agree with Andreas... the crabs are a big boring but, after our animal zoo- 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 fish and all our animals of the human kind ;) - I kind of like the low maintenance aspect of the hermit crabs. The weekly "excitement" is fine with me ;)


Can you spot the 2 crabs in the food bowl? The third (Oliver's) is already making his get away ;)


  1. I am impressed with the dinosaur ;-)

    1. It is probably the most active thing in there ;)

  2. You just keep them for you self ;-)