Monday, November 14, 2016

Counting my blessings

I know that it is not a big deal... but on a Monday, it is pretty special to be able to go to work... wearing shoes (not boots but real shoes).... with no socks.... not even stockings... and it be warm enough :) By mid-November, Montreal weather can be pretty harsh, so I will enjoy this and count my blessings ;)

Happy Monday xox


  1. Funny sometimes I can comment, and other times I can't -of the 3 latest post, this was the only one :/

  2. So here comes my congratulations to your oldest son :-) Stort og herteligt tillykke med fødselsdagen til den unge handsom man :-D

  3. And here is the comment to your atom photos. LC passed away - so sad, but then again, he was a elder mann - but DT to win the White House - that I didn't se comming :_(

  4. wauw, troede det var et billede fra begyndelsen af efteråret.
    Her er temperaturen også gået op, efter en god uge med frost og for nogle landsdele sne, dog er det nu gummistøvlerne har sin plads, da det regner en del.