Sunday, November 6, 2016

The never ending laundry pile

Over the past weeks, I have become so behind with laundry. I am OK with the actual washing part but, after it ends up in the big IKEA bag on the floor, it sort of just acts like layers. Layers that I keep piling onto ;) By the end of the week, I have very stuffed, very layered and very blue bags all over our bedroom.
Yesterday, I put the music on and finally tackled the task of folding and putting the laundry away. Going through the layers, I found Nicka's missing sweater, Oliver's favourite Spider Man socks and Alexander's phys ed shirt. I also found the floor of our bedroom... and yes, it needed vacuuming- which is another story ;)

Happy rest of the weekend! It was Daylight Savings but, alas, with young kids and dogs, there was no sleeping in for us ;)



  1. Wauw det var ikke så lidt vasketøj du der har fået ordnet, men jeg kender det godt her fra - pludselig er bunkerne overskredet "sidste slagsdato" og man MÅ bare igang :-D

  2. Whooh the pile of laundry.
    I remember it from the time we were 6 in houshold, 4 children with 9½ years apart and a man who always had time to some of slaughtering, shearing sheep, working with wood for heating or gardening, so it gave piles of laundry