Thursday, November 24, 2016

The attraction of ice crushing

I don't know... maybe it is just my boys... but, the second there is ice, there is ice crushing. Ice crushing involves standing on the ice and trying to break it with the heel of your boot. The ice can be 4 feet deep and you will still see kids trying to crush it. I see it on the school ground: the kids look like a bunch of turkeys, all pecking at the ice. Seriously, my boys will ask to go outdoors and all they will do is try to ice crush. They even invite friends over, if we have a good ice patch. All the neighbourhood kids, pecking away at the ice and having the time of their lives ;) The absolute BEST ice crushing happens when the temperature fluctuates and you have thin ice (= easy crush) but you have the WATER underneath it! How totally satisfying to crush through the ice and splash into a big puddle of water. Yes, totally awesome for the mother who has to dry your pants, your boots and clean off the inevitable mud patch that has been hiding under the darn water puddle!! Ugh!

Anyway, ice crushing season has started already. Oliver likes his new boots.. not based on the fact that they are new... or waterproof.... or rated to -40C.... or still fluffy inside.... but because they are good ice crushing boots ;) Nicka and his friends are competing on who can crush the most ice. Alexander, all cool in high school, says that he no longer crushes ice with his friends... but I am sure that, while waiting for the bus, they all still do it... they just don't admit to it ;)

Happy ice crushing to you all! ;)

Nothing like a good ice crush to start your day ;)


  1. Oh, my boys are doing the same thing! Except from the lack of ice here, of course :-)

    1. Haha! Maybe you should open up a business: come and ice crush ;)

  2. Ha ha I could do the same - whiting I could come and visit you in the winter :-D