Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cool song... good night!

This is another favourite song lately... Kent (La Belle Epoque)...

Good night!

The weekend so far..

Last night I played soccer again after a few weeks' break. It felt so good to be out on the pitch again with a bunch of fantastic women :) I was a little out of shape but, heck, that is motivation!
Andreas' coffee plant finally yielded his first harvest. Impressive... maybe a cup of espresso? A very small one?
Oliver is into chalk (unfortunately). Last night, before I left for my game, he decided to become Avatar... blue face and all! He also decided to chalk over half our balcony furniture... and the ground... and his toys... and my plants. Anyway, you get the idea ;)
Tonight is calm time. Tomorrow = 4 soccer games = nuts!
Have a nice evening!

Ready to go...

The pitch!

Andreas' coffee plant
The harvest

Oliver the Avatar ;)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday part 2: how to get out of trouble

When we lived in Denmark, we always thought it was really funny that the only shops that were open on Sundays were flower shops. It almost seemed like they were having the best business from husbands/boyfriends who had been very badly behaved the night before and needed to make it up to the woman in their life.

Anyway, sometimes Andreas' brain signals, you know the ones who sensor the mouth from saying dumb things, doesn't always work so well ;) Good thing that the flower shops are open here on the way home from work. Guess my Swede took a lesson from those Danish men ;) Hahaha!

Cheers to the weekend!

Tonight I start playing the summer soccer season again and am I ever looking forward to kicking a ball around ;) As crazy as having all of us playing on Sunday is, we actually get Saturday free to be lazy around the house! Glad this week is over! Hope you are all doing well with exciting weekends planned out... Wish me luck on the field ;)

Spider Man says "Happy Friday!"

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thankfully Thursday....

It has been a tough week so I am happy that I can see the weekend approaching. I heard this song on the radio and it resonated with me. Love the Simon and Garfunkle feel... hope you like it!

The Rumour Said Fire - The Balcony (OFFICIAL)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Flowers along the way

It has been very rainy the past few days but I am not complaining: AT LEAST IT IS NOT SNOW!!! :) The grass and flowers are all so green! I am also happy because there are lilacs everywhere and they are my absolute favourites. Hope you all had a good day!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cool idea

In Montreal, old newspaper vending machines are being given a second life as roadside libraries. Perfect place to drop off loved books in exchange for new discoveries. You just open up the front door and see what is inside. In this day of internet everything, I just love this idea! (PS: it is even better when it is located right outside a good coffee shop!)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Life is short

Today, Andreas and I went to the funeral of a friend/colleague of ours. His passing was very sudden and very sad. The world has lost a good soul and a great teacher. Lesson learned: life is short. Sometimes too short.... Do not waste an opportunity to be true to yourself and to tell those around you how much you care about them.

You are in our thoughts...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mini golf for mini men ;)

On our last day in Tremblant, we decided to play a round of mini golf, aka the Tremblant Tornadoes were back in action ;) It was a lot of fun when we figured out that absolutely no one should stand anywhere near Oliver when he tries to hit the ball!!!! Thankfully no one got hurt and the only tears happened when the game was finished and we had to leave the course :)

We're back home now, which means laundry and homework time!

I told you.... scary ;)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Tremblant Tornadoes

Our day started pretty early because the boys absolutely had to go and play on the adventure car. I felt bad; it was really quiet (off season) and I felt like we were the tornado family ;) Anyway, despite the noisy start, we had a great day. We spent the afternoon at the Aqua Club, had pizza and ice cream for dinner (and not in that order) and Oliver got to make his own teddy bear at a place called Univers Toutou (a bit like Build-a-Bear).
After I get off my computer, Andreas and I are planning to open a bottle of nice wine and watch all the people go by our window. We'll be leaving just after lunch tomorrow so that we can get some homework done and relieve the dog sitter..... so no one think that our house it empty- it is not ;)

 Wishing you all a great Saturday night! :)

The Tornado Boys

I NEED to drive that car!

We just need to pose and then go back to making lots of noise!

Brave father... ;)

Rather be shopping? ;)

Temporary dragging Oliver away from the car

Tremblant business

More Tremblant businesses

In jail! ;)

This is what I felt like I was doing.....

..... when I actually should have been here ;) Haha!

Friday, May 23, 2014

A little weekend away

Since we didn't have a "kid" birthday party for Oliver, we decided to go up north for the weekend to make our own family party ;) We're in Mont Tremblant, enjoying the village. On tonight's menu: a little walk, a little cosy, a little wine and a little people watching. PS: the kids are not getting wine... that is for Andreas and me ;)
Back later with more photos...

Nothing better than a hotel room... except for maybe a hotel TV ;)

The view from our room

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Small shoes

It struck me the other day, when I was pulling out the little soccer shoes for Oliver, how fast time flies. I can clearly remember when both Alexander and Nicklas wore these shoes. I can even remember first buying them for Alexander when he was 3 years old. Now I look at the older boys' shoes and am amazed that they ever fit into these little things. Alexander even took over a pair of my shoes recently!
Oliver is now wearing them and I know that one day soon, I will be amazed at how they used to fit him.....

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Little man on a big field

Oliver had his first real soccer practice last night :) His team is made up of 10 boys who are all 3- 4 years old. While they are SO cute, please have sympathy for their coach (ie: that is me!). You never know what you get with kids that age: I was told a long story about a bracelet; one boy didn't want to play the "shark game" because he was scared of sharks; one boy wanted to use his new water bottle every 2 minutes; one boy only wanted to play in the park (that was mine).... Boy! I was really tired at the end of the hour practice ;) Looking forward to seeing how they learn the game this summer!
It is a beautiful day today... hope you all get to enjoy it!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

High in the sky

Yesterday, the boys (mine +  neighbour boy) decided that they had to have their popsicle break on the roof of our shed. I guess that I don't get "boy rules" ;) Anyway, I guess that our cat felt left out because he decided to sit at the top of our apple tree. I don't get that one either..... All I have to say is- BIRDS BEWARE ;)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Garden delights

We spent this holiday Monday (Queen Victoria Day/Journée des Patriotes) busy in the garden. We planted herbs, lettuce, flowers and made up some pots with purple petunias (yes, I found some nice ones!) to put outside our front door. Everyone ended up tired from being in the sun, especially Oliver, so I took him for a little drive. He totally hates to nap so I had to fool him into getting a little sleep in the car ;) Tonight there is a big hockey game (Hockey is VERY big here- that will be another story!) so I'll let the boys stay up a little bit. Good rest of the day to you all!



Our new fig tree

Can't even remember what we have in here!

Garden clean up

Apple blossoms

Petunia pots

Oliver sleeping in the car

Enjoying the late afternoon