Saturday, April 27, 2019

Date day

Today, Andreas and I had a very non traditional date day. We even got dressed up... in rain jackets and rubber boots ;)  Armed with shovels and work gloves, we went to help out at a local volunteer centre to fill, move and load sandbags for those affected by the floods. I had gone there earlier in the week with Nicklas and Alexander (here) but, because we had about 50 mm of rain over the past few days and the risk of flooding was still very high, we wanted to go back and help out again.
Despite the seriousness of the situation, it was a really fun date! It was amazing how many friends we met up with and how many people we got to know in the few hours that we were there. Nothing brings people together like a good cause and a lot of mud ;) We participated in a human chain that helped move sandbags from the bagging area to the backs of cars/trucks/vans and it felt good to be a part of something so positive. Even though our time there was limited by chauffeuring boys to football practice, we were so impressed with all those who have made helping out a full time effort over the past week. You are all heroes! To all those who are living with the fear of losing their homes, we are thinking of you and admiring your courage.... may the sandbag walls stay strong and keep the water out!

If you live nearby, please consider coming out to help for a few hours. Honestly, it is a lot of fun... you won't need to go to the gym (moving sandbags is a really good workout) and the help will be really appreciated :)

Stay safe and dry, our neighbours xox

Monday, April 22, 2019

Flooding... again....

In 2017, some neighbouring towns ended up flooded (see here). It was really terrible and many people lost their homes because of it. Even more terrible is that many people finally rebuilt only to have more flooding over the past few days. Can you imagine? After finally fixing your home, it floods again. So awful!
So, today, Alexander, Nicklas and I went to help bag sand so that those affected by the rising waters could protect their homes and those that already had some flooding could minimize the amount of water coming in. Although the initial intent was so that they could burn off a bit of energy, not fight and stay away from video games, it was sobering to see so many come to pick up sandbags for their homes. We were really happy to see that quite a few people came out to help. The event was so well coordinated and we felt blessed that we could help out. They both said that it felt good to have filled so many bags with sand... and that filled my heart.

Thinking of all those who are trying their best to save their homes... again....

Thankful to be able to help out on such a beautiful day

Team work

Look! No fighting ;)

Water filling up the streets near where we were bagging sand

So many who needed bags and, thankfully, so many who came to fill them

More sand to put into bags

Saturday, April 13, 2019

New and improved....

I am talking about my eyes!

Yesterday, I had laser surgery done to correct my vision (both near and far). It is less than 24 hours after the procedure and I can see! Reading small script is still blurry but everything, otherwise, is all good. I have to put a million kinds of drops in my eyes and wear sunglasses when I am outside but that is totally reasonable... especially since one of the reasons that I got it done was so that I could wear sunglasses outside. I can now be on my computer again, watch TV, drive and do things around the house. By the end of the week, I can play soccer again (with eye protection) and not have to wear sunglasses, if I don't want to.

I will keep you up to date on the progression, if you were ever thinking of having laser surgery done.

PS: If you have any questions, feel free to ask! "See" you later... haha... couldn't resist ;)

Happy Saturday to you all xox

23 hours post procedure... I can see!

1 hour post procedure

Just before going in... wishing that I had taken them up on their offer of a valium ;) Bet you are jealous of my hat ;)

The night before...

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Post cards from a return to winter Montreal

Today, it snowed... a lot. The funny thing is that I left work to run an errand in spring weather and, as I came out of the store, it was suddenly winter. The only consolation that I have is that we are supposed to have 10C by Thursday.... wish us luck ;)

Hope your weather is better than ours... Please don't mind if I am not "liking" your pictures of flowers and green grass on Facebook ;)


The next pictures were from my way to the store... the ones above are from only 2 hours afterwards :P

Monday, April 8, 2019

A bit sentimental

Yesterday, I finally decided to tackle the boys' dressers... to get rid of all the "too small" stuff and organize the piles of clothes that could finally fit into the drawers. Alexander's decent hand me downs  (ie: still in one piece) went to Nicklas. Nicklas' decent hand me downs went to a bin, which will eventually make its way to Oliver. Oliver's hand me downs went to... ah.. hmm... a garbage bag intended for donation to some other family. OK.. now you are going to laugh at me... I felt a little sad packing up those bags. Yes, I was sad because I gave up a good chunk of my day which could have been devoted to tasks that I actually like to do (yes, I HATE organizing clothes!)... but I was also a little sad because those small, tiny school uniforms will no longer be worn in our family again. I found in Oliver's drawer a few pairs of pants that were left over from when Alexander was in kindergarten/grade 1. I don't think that those pants would fit Alexander's forearms anymore ;) There were tiny shirts that I clearly remember the boys wearing for school photos... and little t-shirts that were about as wide as they were long... and with little holes along the neck because both Nicklas and Alexander liked to chew on their collars. I also found all the pants that I had to sew up at the waist because Oliver was too skinny for them! Funny thing is that, when the boys were wearing these clothes, I remember thinking how big they were getting... May the next mother who dresses her children in these clothes think the same thing... and also get a little sentimental when it is her time to pass those clothes and memories along...

Happy Monday xox

Bags to give away... not the backpack because that contains Nicklas' school work... although he would probably LOVE to give that away ;) xox

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Postcards from Montreal

Yesterday evening, I went out with some of my work colleagues. We met up in a neighbourhood where I used to live except that, now, I can barely recognize it...  all new except my trusted old laundromat (buanderie, in French). The snow is slowly melting and I feel sanity coming back again ;) We should be getting a bit more snow but I think that it will melt as it comes down. It is now almost 7pm and I can still feel the sun, shining through our living room window. How nice! One of the little things in life worth appreciating.

Wishing you all a happy Saturday night xox

Monday, April 1, 2019

Weekend away

At Christmas time, we had no idea what to buy the boys (they also had no idea what they wanted) so we decided to get them a "memory" as a gift. So, last weekend, we took them to Jay Peak in Vermont (here) so they could go to the water park and have some hotel time (it is always more fun to be in a hotel than at home) ;) Even more fun was that we went with some good friends of ours and their 2 boys... and even more fun than that was that these friends also like wine (maybe that was more fun for me) ;)
Anyway, we got 3 days of uber-chlorine, fun times and good memories.... and I didn't have to wrap any of it ;)

Wishing you all a good week xox

Ta-dah... the water park!

Oliver decided that the closet was his "room". He is fake sleeping for full effect ;)

The boys... with Oliver looking mad

Jay Peak + fog

Jay Peak + more fog

Our balcony

Are you talking to me? ;)

Homeward bound