Thursday, January 31, 2019

Random thoughts on a throwback Thursday

1. It always happens that a student walks into your office two seconds after you start tearing up because of some sappy video on Facebook ;)

2. Awkward, clutzy moments always happen in threes (or, in my case, three times three times three).

3. Why do you always see your friends' beach photos on Instagram when the weather is the coldest?

4. Every time that I forget someone's name, I have to introduce them ;)

5. In class yesterday, I spent about 30 minutes covering slides that I had already covered the week before. No wonder they seemed familiar. Makes me also wonder why no one seemed to notice ;)

6. I promise that I will NEVER complain about the heat this summer.

7. The older I get, the more I enjoy NOT going out ;)

8. I passed by a store window today that was already displaying spring pastel clothes. I don't know if it made me optimistic or depressed ;)

9. Why do the kids with the heaviest school bags never seem to have homework?

10. It always freaks me out that my eldest "baby" is starting to get a moustache ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Murphy's Law of Hats

The day that you actually like how your hair looks in the morning... is the day that you have to venture out in snow and wear a hat. It is also the day that you end up sweating up a storm, trying to walk to work. Unfortunately, it is also the day that your hair is not so nice anymore when you finally get to your destination ;) Murphy's Law! ;)

Happy Wednesday! Stay warm and dry... and may your hair be hat resistant ;)


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Random thoughts from a cold Tuesday

1) Does walking on crunchy, squeaky snow make you feel colder than you actually are?

2) You know that you are getting older when your favourite pants for cold weather are snow pants ;)

3) Why do teenagers with bed head think that wearing a hat will mess their hair? Can it actually get worse? ;)

4) Why did the early settlers who were well-liked by the king from their homeland get free land in freezing Quebec when all the prisoners got to go to Australia? That is one mean king! ;)

5) I will always happily pay for pizza lunches at school if I get a free pass for making lunches ;)

6) Nail polish never lasts more than 15 minutes on my nails, no matter how much I spend to have my nails done.

7) Montreal has the best parking habits after snow storms! So post-apocalyptic!

8) Now that I have written about pizza lunches, I am craving pizza 😜

9) This past weekend, someone gave me 4 cupcakes. I did not share them and I don't feel guilty ;)

10)  My new Bodum combo travelling mug/French press is the best thing ever! Seriously!

Hope you all stay warm! Happy rest of the day xox

Now for the photo spam ;)

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Winter storm

Today, most of us woke up to the "storm that we have been warned about for the past week". Usually, when we have snow, the temperatures are warmer. Not today. Today, we are sitting at -18C and, with the wind, it feels much colder. Our airport is closed... we are receiving warnings to stay off the roads... the radio is broadcasting activity and church service cancellations. Good thing we don't have to go anywhere ;)

Happy Sunday! Stay warm... and cosy ;) xox

When I woke up this morning....

Andreas heading to karate class... luckily just down the street from us!

Even the snowman doesn't look happy ;)

Snow day!

Friday, January 18, 2019


Today is Nicka's 12th birthday!

It is funny with the second child... as surprising as some of the eldest child's milestones are, you expect them to happen... they are always the chapter coming up in the parenting books. They are your first venture, as parents, into the unknown. With the second child, you know what is coming up so it is a smoother venture from milestone to milestone, with some even being glided over. This year, however, is starting to really hit me. Nicka will be going to high school in the fall and is starting to transform into a teenager... This birthday, for me, is one that I am really noticing...

Happy birthday to our sweet, lovely, funny and smart 12 year old! We hope that this year will be filled with wonderful new adventures for you! xox

Happy Friday to you all!

4 months old

Age 3

PS: this one is of Nicka kidding around ;)

Happy birthday xox

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Damn cold!

Today is cold. Actually, yesterday was also cold. Tomorrow will also be cold. The weather app on my phone says that it will suck until Wednesday... and then start sucking again on Thursday ;) These are the days that I really appreciate the seat heaters in our car... and hot baths!

I was going to take outside "cold" pictures but, despite that I love you all, it was nicer inside... so here is a very appropriate picture that I found on the internet ;)

Stay warm xox

Monday, January 7, 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Can I still say that? The first few days of January have been a bit of a haze... and, now, back at school/work is a bit of a shell shock experience. So far, 2019 seems like a good one but it is way too early to tell. You know when you can tell? If it is the end of February and you still have your marbles together. THAT is a good year. Oh yeah... marbles together and boys have not lost every single one of their gloves.... or hats.... and their boots still fit.... and you are still able to make lunches that they like. SO, for the moment, it looks like a happy new year... but ask me again in February ;)


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