Monday, January 7, 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Can I still say that? The first few days of January have been a bit of a haze... and, now, back at school/work is a bit of a shell shock experience. So far, 2019 seems like a good one but it is way too early to tell. You know when you can tell? If it is the end of February and you still have your marbles together. THAT is a good year. Oh yeah... marbles together and boys have not lost every single one of their gloves.... or hats.... and their boots still fit.... and you are still able to make lunches that they like. SO, for the moment, it looks like a happy new year... but ask me again in February ;)


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  1. Hvor langt ind i det nye år kan der siges Godt Nytår. Hm... Tænkte på der stadig afholdes Nytårskur, så for mig er det okay med at sige Godt Nytår.
    Glæder mig stadig til alle dem og de ting jeg vil møde i 2019, jeg venter så til et par dage før 2020, inden jeg vil gøre status.

  2. Ha ha love your photo :-D And a happy new Year to your Celena xx