Saturday, January 12, 2019

Damn cold!

Today is cold. Actually, yesterday was also cold. Tomorrow will also be cold. The weather app on my phone says that it will suck until Wednesday... and then start sucking again on Thursday ;) These are the days that I really appreciate the seat heaters in our car... and hot baths!

I was going to take outside "cold" pictures but, despite that I love you all, it was nicer inside... so here is a very appropriate picture that I found on the internet ;)

Stay warm xox


  1. Here its just gray grau and then a bit more gray, and I think a bit fo sun... Ha ha ha , I rather have your weather than mine. :-)

  2. Mandag var meget blæsende kuling 2 graders varme, men det føltes bidende koldt. Bare der ville komme lidt sne, solskin, frost og svag vind, både hos jer og her ;-)