Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Here we go again....

Just as I started to enjoy wearing shoes to work (= not boots), it started to snow again. Actually, it started around 11am today and it is still snowing... and snowing... and snowing at 9:30pm. I didn't tell the boys before bed but they have an official snow day tomorrow, our first... on March 15!!???!!!! And-yes- I still have to go to work :(

Wish me luck...and a quick melt ;)


  1. Practice - and 15 March.
    I remember a blizzard around April 20, believe it was in 1969. It was summer around 6 April of that year.

    1. They are SO depressing! We had one a few years back... in May... ugh!

  2. woooo nooooo not again - please keep it at your place this time, I still remember the last time where you sender it across the Atlantic to us :D