Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Burning off some energy

Today, I took a few hours off from work and took the on-spring-break-and-starting-to-get-bored boys skating. Of course, as always, Oliver is in a new place for about 15 seconds and he has a new friend. He met a sweet boy named Hugo... with tons of patience. All he did was follow Oliver and help him up every time he fell... which was quite a bit ;) Anyway, despite the fact that Hugo didn't speak a word of English and Oliver's French is pretty basic, they had a great time. Alexander and Nicka just chased each other around... and around... and around... ;)

Best 90 minutes spent... burning off energy... ;)

Merci, Hugo ;)


  1. So lovely for a time with the boys.

    1. It was really nice... and they were much calmer afterwards ;)