Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The almost favourite holiday

By the way, happy March 1 :)

Lately, Oliver has been obsessed with St. Patrick's Day. He says he loves the green and it is his day because he is like a leprechaun (perhaps small?). It is not quite as good as Christmas, Oliver told me, but almost as good. To warm up for the BIG P-day celebrations, Oliver has been wearing his special green necklace and leprechaun hat. To me it looks a bit like a pimp hat... but don't tell him that... because then I would have to explain what a pimp is... and that would be awkward ;) Anyway, he has been practising telling me my future and reading about pirates (which are somehow related to leprechauns... maybe it is the pot of gold thing?).

Wishing you all some luck of the Irish... except that we are not Irish... Canadian, yes. Swedish, yes. Irish, no ;) xox

Oliver the leprechaun ;)