Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Another 10 random facts... again.... again.... ;)

Yes, I have been bad at blogging lately. Every time I start, it seems like I will complain either about the weather, the rotating cold going around our family, the fact that it is not spring yet or how much I did NOT get done lately ;) So, in light of this, I decided to spare you all the repetitive posts... So what did I do instead? ANOTHER post about random facts... hahaha!

1. I am really into pink lately... especially for shoes. Maybe it is my attempt at putting some pink into our very non pink home ;)

2. I bought some Lindt dark chocolate... with chili in it. Not bad ;)

3. Did I ever tell you how much the sound of someone else eating bugs me? It does ;) Especially the man on the train today who ate his apple with his mouth open... and while talking loudly on his phone... in the quiet zone... a double whammy ;)

4. I am already dreaming of Scandinavian summer evenings :)

5. We just had our midterm break... and I thought that I was busy... but did absolutely nothing. Ugh!

6. I have an urge to renovate our house... but, after looking into our bank account, I decided to buy a new welcome mat instead ;)

7. As per the boys in my house, I am starting to believe that getting older = becoming more bratty. Yes, this includes Andreas... he is the king ;)

8. On Monday, Oliver wanted to change his name to Tom. We had to call him Tom all day long. When I finally got the hang of it, he decided that he didn't like the name anymore. Typical ;) I was, however, relieved that he didn't really mean it ;)

9. It is the boys' midterm break.... which, this year, does not coincide with either mine (last week) or Andreas' (the week before). Figures....

10. I found a place in our local mall that sells a wicked bubble tea... now I cannot get it out of my head. Maybe the tapioca "bubbles" are addictive? ;)

Since I have been bad at blogging lately, you get 15 pictures instead of the usual 10 ;) How is that for spam? xox


Brotherly love ;)


The school ice wall....

.... that only lasted for about 1 day before it melted away.... :(

Rainy day

Oliver's (I mean, Tom's) obsession with bubbles continues ;)

Awesome graffiti :)

Great sky!

Andreas made Semlor

They were good!

In agreement ;)

Welcome back!

C'mon... springtime! You can do it! ;)


  1. Lovely there is life - both in pictures and in words.
    There needs to be time for that matter, so it is important to prioritize.
    Wish you a nice day / week.

    1. Tusind tak! Wishing you a good week as well xox

  2. Dark Lindt with chili is awesome the same with orange :-D
    Have a nice week and remember time is important.