Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ninja school

Lately, Oliver is obsessed with Ninjas. So are most of his school friends... They, collectively, have decided that it would make much more sense to focus their energies on Ninja school as opposed to grade 1. Seriously, when Oliver gets home, he shows me the Ninja moves that he has practised during the day with his famous friend W. Homework? What homework? It is all about Ninja moves ;) Listening to my teacher? No way! Ninja moves ;) He has even asked me to put a platform on our staircase so that he can practise jumping between the floors of our house. Guess what? I said no... ;) I know... terrible mother ;)

Anyway, I have to put on my very serious face when I watch his Ninja moves. It is very important that I don't smile (although the Ninja moves are very cute) because, mamma, this is very serious. His brothers are a little less respectful than I am.. although, when they were his age, Ninja moves were also part of the daily routine. Alexander thinks he looks like a hamster when he does the moves... I kind of agree ;) But, please, don't tell the Ninja ;)

Happy Ninja Tuesday to you all! ;)

Random internet Ninja hamster picture because, of course, we all need to have access to it ;)


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    1. I can not stop thinking, may be able to Ninja be involved in teaching in the school, so the children could find teaching more interesting. So play knowledge into an alternative way.
      Otto know someone from daycare singing a lot, and children 2 years old may on the iPad, they find one clip after another on youtube. The child from daycare love to sing and have found several Swedish songs and sing them in Swedish and Danish as a 2 year old, and it is learned through free play. This is exactly what I think the teachers should include.
      I can just see Oliver as Ninja (hamster) and all the platforms around the house, you can stand, do not give in.

    2. The school already uses dragons and other interests... they do try! Seeing how crazy their Ninja moves are, I don't blame the teachers for not wanting to include it in the schedule ;) I agree with you though; kids learn so much better when they are interested in the topic. Actually, so do adults too ;)
      I hope you have a great day xox

  2. I thought that Ninja was all something that had someting to do with the past, maybe its all just comping back, just lige fashion. :-D