Friday, March 24, 2017

Les cactus

Hello all! :)

This week has been a rough one. Not a terrible, catastrophic one but a sneaky-creep-up-on-you crappy kind of week. It started with a bad listening morning courtesy of the boys, a rejected paper, a frustrating colleague, Oliver being sick, a bigger-than-expected bill, Oliver not listening to his teacher and, then- thankfully- Friday (although, we had another blizzard! Please, someone tell Mother Nature that it is Spring!). You know those kinds of weeks ;)
Anyway, all week long, I had this song stuck in my head. Actually, the more that I think about it, the more appropriate it was. A little bit like my soundtrack.. Here is is... Thank you to Jacques Dutronc ;)

A shout out to my friend, Gabrielle: yes, I actually had a Jacques Dutronc song stuck in my head.... haha!

Happy Friday to you all and may it be a non-cactus weekend ;)


  1. It's a very bad week with that song stuck in your head.
    Wish you lots of spring and then the world will be fine X

    1. Haha! Actually, the song made me feel a bit better... I started to call people (in my head only): "Tu es un cactus" ;) Happy weekend to you xox

  2. Here's what I would say
    "It is important to remember the good experiences and joys"
    God weekend

  3. Enjoy your weekend and all the "fantastic" snow ha ha ha :-D

  4. Oh dear! Hope this week will be much better! Happy Monday to you all (is it possible that Mondays can be happy days?)...