Monday, December 31, 2018

Reflections on 2018

Like I said in a recent post (here), I was not the biggest fan of 2018 but I did learn some things that made the year worthwhile (just trying to be positive here 😉). For a brief summary: I learned that it is very possible to burn out, even doing a job that you actually care about. I learned that NO is not always a bad word. I learned that if I drop a ball or two, the world does not fall apart. I learned that a person's negative reaction to you may not always reflect you... but themselves. I learned that not all things deserve giving a shit about. I learned that you have to stick up for yourself... and that is OK. I learned that negative/stupid/ridiculous comments on random news web pages do not merit being addressed. I learned that, sometimes, all you have to do is ask for help and, other times, it is easier to do it by yourself (I just have to figure out which one works for what situation 😉 ). I learned that I do not understand how boys fight together and, as long as they are not breaking furniture or each other, I will just step away and let them figure it out for themselves. I learned that I actually like football (American version) and can even understand it to some degree. I learned that, even if I am not enthusiastic about something, fake it... and enthusiasm will follow... or, if it doesn't, at least you tried 😉

Thanks, 2018, for the lessons learned... and thanks to the rest of you for sharing in my year! xox

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Thank you to random internet images ;)

Friday, December 28, 2018

"No Clue"

Firstly, I have to emphasize that this is NOT a complaint because I am actually enjoying it but it has become the "No Clue" part of the holiday. You know what I mean...the part of the holiday where you have absolutely no idea what time of the day it is or what day it is or if you should actually be doing something or if your kids have been wearing the same pajamas for 2 days or 3 or if left over Christmas cookies can be considered breakfast or a better lunch 😉 Thank goodness for my agenda! I know that it is the 28th.... I have to wash my hair today.... I have to buy groceries.... and we have friends coming over for dinner this evening... oh yeah... it is also laundry day 😉

Happy "No Clue"!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas!

I am now sitting down with a glass of wine in hand and new cosy pajamas (courtesy of Andreas) to relax after everyone has gone home. As usual, it was chaotic but if it wasn't, that is when I would be worried ;) The boys must have been good this year because they scored in the Santa front. Oliver, despite catching me in the present wrapping process, seemed to be more impressed with his gift from Santa than trying to disprove him ;) I have to appreciate every last year of believing in Santa. I also have to hand it to Nicka and Alexander; they really go along with it for Oliver's (my) sake.
Tomorrow, we go to my sister's for Christmas brunch and I will appreciate being at someone else's house ;)

Just wanted to stop in and wish you all a very Merry Christmas xox

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Happy 4th Advent!

Happy 4th Advent!

I have to say that I have been fantasizing about today... the day where holidays really start (actually, I still have grading to do but am conveniently denying it for the next few days 😉). This past semester has been a hard one- I felt exhausted before it even started- so I am happy to just try to relax for a little while. Pajamas and wine sound really good! This morning, the boys opened their advent presents as we enjoyed a cup of coffee (or two). After a slow start, both Andreas and I had to go to our respective work to pick up some last minute stuff (this is why I consider today the day where the holidays really start) and then run some errands. I think that we bought enough groceries to feed an army (= in our house, that means that we will run out in about 2 days 😉). I started to wrap Christmas presents but, unfortunately, Oliver unexpectedly walked in while I was doing it so I had to think up something quick to keep the Santa thing going. He has been asking whether Santa exists for a few weeks now so I think he is onto something... I better come up with something good to keep the believing vibes going 😉
Tomorrow, my family is coming over. I actually enjoy cooking for people so it should be fun. I cleaned off my counter tops to make a bit of space but they will be looking like "food hoarder" before company even arrives.
Anyway, just wanted to wish you all a very happy 4th Advent... and a fantastic holiday season. I will stop in again tomorrow to say Merry Christmas.

Glad you stopped by xox

Oliver, frustrated that he has to wait for his brothers to open his present 😉

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Third of Advent.... already?!?

Wow! It is the Third of Advent already! Just a little over a week until Christmas.... and, still, a lot of getting organized to do. Christmas Eve will be at our house this year but I am actually looking forward to it. Yes, I am a sucker for punishment but I enjoy having a house full of chaos (obviously)  ;) Over this week, Santa will start to wrap the boys' presents ;) so she he doesn't get stuck doing them at the last minute like every other year ;) How do I know? I can hear the swearing all the way from the North Pole ;) This year, I bought a long-wanted Christmas present to myself... stay tuned for another post about that soon.

Wishing you all a happy Advent.... and a calm week ahead <3

Friday, December 14, 2018

Winding down 2018

On a scale of 1 to 10, 2018 rated as a definite "Meh". It is not like anything bad happened... it was just the kind of year that makes you glad that it is soon over. 2018, to me, was like stepping in dog poop: it won't kill you but a pain in the ass none-the-less ;) I will be glad to move on to 2019... and cleaner shoes ;)

Happy winding down 2018! May the last few weeks of the year be on the upswing xox

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Happy 2nd Advent!

Today, after a cosy morning, Andreas and I started the Christmas shopping process. Doing it all at one time is not really fun at all but getting it done gradually is much more reasonable ;) I won't say what we bought because I don't want some people who may be reading this to know what they are getting ;) After we got home, he even put up the tree. For someone who is not big on Christmas, I am proud of him!
The boys are now finishing up their last minute homework and dinner is on its way. I am looking forward to a quiet remainder of the weekend.

Happy 2nd Advent! xox

Advent presents for the boys...

Our holly bush

Our tree <3

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Happy anniversary to us :)

On December 4, 2004, Andreas and I were married. It is 14 years today..... wow- 14 years filled with PhD work, having son #1, living in Copenhagen, getting used to Danish way of life, moving to Montreal, getting used to Canadian way of life (or re-acquainted with Canadian way of life), buying a house, having son #2, finding work, having son #3, hitting our 40s, growing into our jobs, growing with each other, travels, ups, downs, more ups.... and many more life experiences to come. I can't think of anyone else that I would rather be with on this ride of life... xox

Our first Christmas together, 3 weeks after our wedding day... and 6 weeks after Alexander was born.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Happy 1st Advent

Wow! December already!

Today, the boys opened their advent presents. Coffee is made. The cupboard is stocked with gingerbread cookies. The candle is lit. It is freezing rain outside. We have nothing on the agenda today. Great way to start the holiday season..... said completely non sarcastically ;)

Happy 1st Advent.... xox