Friday, December 14, 2018

Winding down 2018

On a scale of 1 to 10, 2018 rated as a definite "Meh". It is not like anything bad happened... it was just the kind of year that makes you glad that it is soon over. 2018, to me, was like stepping in dog poop: it won't kill you but a pain in the ass none-the-less ;) I will be glad to move on to 2019... and cleaner shoes ;)

Happy winding down 2018! May the last few weeks of the year be on the upswing xox


  1. I know exactly how your are feeling, that's how I also feels that the year have been. Not my year - but at least we survived :-D
    By the way, I can't comment from google account anymore :-( And it takes 5-6 times longer with http, because all those photos I have to click on.

    1. Let's hear it for 2019 :)

      Sorry about the Google troubles! Is it a setting on my blog? I can always change it to make it easier... xox

  2. Jeg nikker genkendende til det. Lad os rykke sammen og beslutte os for 2019 bliver et fantastisk år.