Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday morning date with my husband ;)

This morning, Andreas asked me out... for a date.... to play soccer with his regular Sunday league. I happily accepted and, with take-out coffee in hand (he doesn't skimp on dates 😉), we headed to the field. It was a fun game... only 3 women on the field and, out of about 20 players/17 different nationalities, I think that I was the only Canadian 😉 I felt special 😉 Considering we are parents, you take a date wherever and whenever you get the chance 😉

Hope you all had a good weekend xox

Yes, this is a post-game picture so excuse the sweaty look ;)

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Poor Nicka!

Yesterday, during his football game, Nicka was trying to tackle a boy from the other team who, unfortunately, ended up falling into his wrist, causing it to break. I have to stress that an accident like this could have happened anywhere... and not just on a football field. When I was in grade 1, I had a similar break after jumping over a rope and landing wrong on my wrist. At least, Nicka has a much better story than I ended up with ;) He gets a cool sports-related injury and I just sounded like a klutz ;)

He was very brave through the whole ordeal. Andreas, who ended up going with him to the hospital, was very brave as well ;) The doctors did a fantastic job in resetting it and Nicka was back to Fortnite playing mode before the day was over. All is well that ends well, I guess....

Happy Sunday to you all xox


This is what they sent me from the hospital, just to freak me out. Obviously, the experience did not wreck either Nicka's or Andreas' "sense of humour" ;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hope from a fortune cookie

This weekend, I found this message in my fortune cookie and I am hoping that it refers to my sanity ;) Doubtful but can't blame me for wishing it was so ;)

Hope you are all doing well. Sorry for the blog silence but we have been submersed in football land... not me... the boys ;) xox

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Monday/Tuesday... into Wednesday

Monday was a holiday here (Labour Day) so I assumed- silly me- that I managed to escape a typical "Monday" at work. Boy, was I wrong! My Tuesday ended up being so "Monday-ish"... including my early morning train being almost 1 hour late to a broken photocopier at work to a broken projector in my classroom to constant little annoyances... ALL DAY LONG! Did I mention that I had forgotten to buy coffee for my work machine? Oh, yes, that went wrong as well ;) This morning I woke up feeling hopeful.... until we discovered a flat on one of our cars (at least it was only one at the time) and I developed a general grumpy mood. OK, Monday, I had enough! Stop polluting the other days of the week ;)

Wishing you all a better start to the week than I had ;) xox