Thursday, March 16, 2017


Sometimes, you just have to smile and say "whatever"...

Yes, I am totally jealous of all the beautiful spring shots on Instagram. Yes, I actually had to put studs on the bottom of my boots this morning so that I could walk to work. Yes, I was far from being the only one wearing boot studs... the train was FULL of us! Yes, you can easily dodge getting a parking ticket in Montreal by camouflaging your car in a snowbank... with NO effort at all! Yes, you can actually fall in love with your neighbourhood because of how many snowplows that are out on your streets. Yes, you will still lose your breath when you step out in one of the city's famous "wind tunnel" streets and have hard icy snow pelt your face. Yes, I think that yesterday was the first full city "snow day" that we have had since the famous ice storm of 1998 (maybe I am wrong on that but it seems like it).

Despite this, there comes a time in the winter when all Montrealers just have to say "whatever"... ;)

Wishing you all a happy Thursday! Now here is a snow photo spam... so you can be jealous ;)  xox

My "studded" boots! You know what? I am NOT the only one ;)

The view from my office ;)


  1. Snow is nice, just not in March.
    The weekend knocking on, want your Friday will be with fewer snowplows and easily passable.

  2. I know for sure I just coulden say whatever, I would have cried my eyes out. :-F