Friday, March 31, 2017

Glimpses of the last week...

Last weekend, we ended up having another blizzard... followed by nice, above 0C weather... now being followed with another blizzard :( This past week was filled with typical family chaos, lots of sporting events (the boys), starting the end of semster wrap up (Andreas and me), getting to finally wear spring shoes (even if it was only for 2 days), a fabulous art gala at Nicka and Oliver's school and lots of little things in between. I am happy that it is Friday! I plan on taking it easy... before the weekend chaos begins... Happy Friday! xox

Now.... here is some photo spam ;)


  1. Looks like all of your snow finely have left you. :-D I hope spring is coming to you now. Enjoy your weekend. :-D

  2. The weather will not always as we'd like. Yesterday we enjoyed a lovely spring day in some places reached up to 21.4 degrees. Today we talk about max 12 to 14 degrees.
    Nice when the week is flavored with lots of chores.
    God lørdag - weekend.