Thursday, March 2, 2017

New shoes... for me!

*** Andreas, you do not have to read any further ;) ***

Last week, I ordered a new pair of shoes from Zara. Actually, I first fell in love with them on Ebay but the seller was being super greedy. After I realized that I had a Zara store credit because of a dumb purchase that I did in the early autumn (I usually wear medium... did not try it on... and looked 9 months pregnant wearing it), I went on the website to see if my beloved shoes were there... and... voila! They were ;) I will also add that the Ebay seller was asking 2 x the store price- super, super greedy! So, after using the credit, I only had to spend about $27 (= not feeling TOO guilty) and click... the shoes were on their way... to me... ;)

Today, they arrived and I love them. Perfect timing because the weather is very cold and these shoes remind me of spring... which I need reminding of :)

By the way, this is not advertising... just my own shopping weakness... and that I love shoes.... especially these ones ;)

Happy day to you all xox

Ooo... sorry about the dirty mirror... just realized what I have to do next ;)


  1. It is so great to get new shoes, something special.
    Now, when you were lucky to get them at a price you well would give, then it is worth gold.
    I have feet that need to try me out, walk a little in them, take them off and wait a bit, and then again take them on, preferably both morning and evening, my feet well, it's my personality to put on try, it's shoes I like the look, and then the clothes can be bought. I can not only buy clothes, then shoes :-)

    1. I love when I can find a good deal... on clothes/shoes that I like... and- most importantly- they are cosy! :) xox

  2. Wow they look som comfy. :-D I have never seen shoos like that - what brand are they?

  3. I love this post!! Click! But of course - and don't read any further, Andreas - love it! ❤️