Friday, February 24, 2017


Hi all!

Yesterday was a pretty good day... we weren't late getting the boys to school, there was minimal fighting, I only had one class to teach, I wrote my 700th blog post  and..... I bought tickets for us (the 3 boys and I) to go to Sweden this summer :) Don't worry- I didn't forget Andreas! He will already be there for work... and we are just catching up... yup.... me and the 3 boys.... on an airplane... just me.... and them.... after being a "single" mother to them for the 3 weeks prior to that... Yups... I can feel some major blog posts coming up in June ;)
Anyway, I bought tickets so, once again, you will be invited to come along for the trip ;) Anyone want to stay in our house to take care of our zoo? ;)

Happy Friday night to all xox

Of course, the Swedish Royal Family will be waiting for us at the airport ;)

Sweden awaits :)


  1. A single mum for 3 weeks - you rely need the blog /us by the time :-D
    Wow your are comme ti Scandinavia - can't wait to hear what dates you will be in Copenhagen :-D

    1. Haha! There may be wine (and a few bad words) on the blog :) xox

  2. Wauh.... det bliver 3 dejlige uger.
    Bliver det kun København du kommer forbi, på din tur rundt i Skandinavien, eller bliver der tid til Jylland, måske bliver der tid til et blogtræf.

    1. I will definitely be spending a few days in CPH... and maybe beyond ;) We are trying to organize our schedule but I will let you and Catarina know :) xox