Sunday, February 12, 2017

This weekend...

This weekend had a lot of action.. good action... ;) It was filled with soccer, basketball,swimming, coffee, wine, snow and friends!

It is Sunday night now... and there is a snowstorm going on outside =  more snow. The boys are hoping for a snow day tomorrow. I am hoping for trains that are on time in the morning rush hour ;)

Wishing you all a great week ahead xox

All day soccer tournament on Saturday for me :)

My post tournament glass of wine
My post tournament bruise ;) I play defence against ladies with awesome kicks ;)

Ummm... coffee.....

.... and more snow....

Happy Sunday evening to you all xox



  1. Lovely family weekend, where leisure interests have been in office.
    Nice pictures.
    Fingers crossed there are no delays in traffic Monday morning due to the weather.

  2. Love the snow! I'm not sure I love the post traumatic, sorry; post tournament bruise, though - ha, ha :-)

  3. Wooooop what a mark you got there!!!
    I get rely tired of of all the exercise (jealous) that you can manage. Pu han this it was me ;-)