Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Wow- this is blog post #699... in honour of the upcoming #700, I wanted to write something deep... something meaningful... something poetic... however, I don't have enough brain cells to meet the challenge. So, you get some more photos of Montreal ;) Given that we will have temperatures up to 14C this week, the atmosphere in the city has shifted. People are in better moods... walking straighter... coming back to life... hope it is not a tease ;)

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday evening xox

Look! No snow!

Drying up...

Happy me!

The stores are starting to sell SHORTS!

More shorts!


Happy people!

Even the buildings are starting to sparkle ;)

See- no snow! ;)

Happy Wednesday from Montreal :)


  1. Woooo up til 14 degrees thats sounds rely like spring :-D
    Here the are talking about a blizzard comme later today, and that we can expect up til 20 sm snow...NOOOO

    699 blogpost, your a really good - looking forepart to the next 699 ;)

    1. Ugh! I hope the blizzard passes quickly so you get back to planning your spring garden :) Thanks for being such a good "blog" friend! You are part of the reason why I enjoy blogging so much xox