Friday, February 10, 2017

This week

Suddenly, I checked the calendar and the week had passed :P

I know.. this seems to happen a lot lately... I make apologies for a busy week and things not happening on the blog front. Sadly, it has happened again... despite my best efforts at keeping "post on blog" on my list of things to do ;)

This week was filled with work... oh, yes, I get paid for doing that ;)... We also had some pretty crazy weather... warm temperatures on Monday and Tuesday... ice storm on Wednesday... freezing temperatures on Thursday and Friday....

Also, on Thursday, I went to see a talk done by Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagenize or Copenhagen Cycle Chic. I have had a bit of a philosophy crush on him for a while (ie: how to get people to see themselves as cyclists, which is very parallel to what interests me; how to get people to see themselves as exercisers). Anyway, he is a great speaker and, despite the differences in focus (urban design vs lifestyle behaviour shifts), I was left with a great deal of food for thought. He is also a great cure for a little bit of reverse homesickness that I experienced when I first moved back to Montreal from Copenhagen. I had a ton more questions to ask him but, for now, that was as good as it got ;)

The bonus about hanging out in town to see Mikael's talk was I GOT TO HANG OUT IN TOWN... BY MYSELF... TO DO SOMETHING... THAT INTERESTS ME... ME... IMAGINE..... Yes, all you mothers out there, you get this. Seriously. I also got to take the bus and metro home, which I haven't done in ages and I absolutely felt like a newbie ;)

Today, I had a departmental meeting at work and then hurried back to make sure that my boys, all home for a day off from school, hadn't committed mutiny at home. They were all in one piece, no fighting... and hadn't locked me out ;) Good sign!

I will be back tomorrow... after my soccer tournament... which will be another story onto itself ;)

Wishing you all a good Friday evening xox


  1. It sounds like a bit og a crazy week on all parameters :-) Enjoy your weekend and I hope it last forever or even longer :-D

    1. Tusind tak :) The weekend appears to be just as crazy ;) Hope you can enjoy yours! xox

  2. You are far from the only one who has intentions for several posts per week, and as time passes, and suddenly the week gone by, or for me 1 month.
    Nice that there is life and time is occupied.
    God weekend.