Thursday, February 2, 2017

Quiet moment

This morning, Andreas had to get up for a very early work-related tv interview (!!!) so I decided to wake up too and have a (very) slow and quiet time before the kid-chaos ;) Over the past 2 weeks, the boys have all been fighting some cold-thing. On Tuesday, it seemed to peak with all of them so, yesterday, I kept them home to let them all get over it. Enough of the back and forth! On top of it, I felt pretty crappy on Tuesday as well so the "recovery day" was well-timed ;) By last night, everyone seemed to feel better (= fighting resumed) so today will mean a return to the normal routine...

Happy Thursday to all xox


  1. I love peace and quiet and the first morning-coffee! Have a good rest of the week, X

  2. I hope that you all feel a lot better now the weekend is coming :-)
    A very quiet and slow morning, sounds perfect :-)

  3. Hope everyone is in good spirits - now it is Friday and soon weekend.
    I have the ability to have a slow morning every day and love it.