Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Random thoughts from a cold Tuesday

1) Does walking on crunchy, squeaky snow make you feel colder than you actually are?

2) You know that you are getting older when your favourite pants for cold weather are snow pants ;)

3) Why do teenagers with bed head think that wearing a hat will mess their hair? Can it actually get worse? ;)

4) Why did the early settlers who were well-liked by the king from their homeland get free land in freezing Quebec when all the prisoners got to go to Australia? That is one mean king! ;)

5) I will always happily pay for pizza lunches at school if I get a free pass for making lunches ;)

6) Nail polish never lasts more than 15 minutes on my nails, no matter how much I spend to have my nails done.

7) Montreal has the best parking habits after snow storms! So post-apocalyptic!

8) Now that I have written about pizza lunches, I am craving pizza 😜

9) This past weekend, someone gave me 4 cupcakes. I did not share them and I don't feel guilty ;)

10)  My new Bodum combo travelling mug/French press is the best thing ever! Seriously!

Hope you all stay warm! Happy rest of the day xox

Now for the photo spam ;)


  1. I går på min travetur fik jeg et kig til vintergækker, kan det give et håb på det går i den rigtige retning med vejret.