Thursday, January 31, 2019

Random thoughts on a throwback Thursday

1. It always happens that a student walks into your office two seconds after you start tearing up because of some sappy video on Facebook ;)

2. Awkward, clutzy moments always happen in threes (or, in my case, three times three times three).

3. Why do you always see your friends' beach photos on Instagram when the weather is the coldest?

4. Every time that I forget someone's name, I have to introduce them ;)

5. In class yesterday, I spent about 30 minutes covering slides that I had already covered the week before. No wonder they seemed familiar. Makes me also wonder why no one seemed to notice ;)

6. I promise that I will NEVER complain about the heat this summer.

7. The older I get, the more I enjoy NOT going out ;)

8. I passed by a store window today that was already displaying spring pastel clothes. I don't know if it made me optimistic or depressed ;)

9. Why do the kids with the heaviest school bags never seem to have homework?

10. It always freaks me out that my eldest "baby" is starting to get a moustache ;)

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