Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ice cream, playpark and the flower hunt

This afternoon, we went out for ice cream and a little walk by the lakeshore near our house. We visited a park and hung out in the sun. The water looked beautiful and there were even a couple of boats out. A woman at the park congratulated my ability to have 3 boys and maintain sanity (or reasonable facsimilie). I appreciated the sympathy ;) She suggested red wine... I thought that was a great idea!
We also stopped by an outdoor market that sells flowers. I wanted some purple flowers (for a change) to go outside our front door. Unfortunately, I couldn't find what I wanted so it is a good excuse to go back again later in the week :) Hope you all had a great day! We did!!

Yum! Milkshake!


Happy boy!

Even happier husband ;)

Like father, like son!

The tornado

The Lego Master with chocolate face

Not too sure...

It is a lovely park, beside a beautiful old church

Hanging out

The lakeshore

It is only fun when you get to throw rocks into the water...


The pose ;)

The flower market :)


  1. It sure sounds like a really great day :-)

    1. It was nice to walk around in the sun.... and to eat ice cream, of course ;)