Monday, May 12, 2014

Running around

Nicka's school run was today and I volunteered to help out with managing the chaos of approximately 1500 young students (ages 5 to 8). It was lots of fun and all the children did really well! I was very proud of Nicka- he ran the whole course and was at least in the first quarter of the students. He told me that he came in 5th for his race but I have no idea how anyone could have figured out who came in what place! So much excitement :)

Beautiful day!

The running course

What a great view!

Here comes Nicka!

There he goes! Love you!


  1. Wauw thats rely well done of Nicka :-) And I think its rely good that you volunteered - cause its not an easy job to have an "eye" on so many young children. :-)

    1. It was lots of fun! The kids are so cute and they tried so hard. I love to volunteer at the school events- I get the chance to see a little bit of their day to day :)