Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Getting by....

OK... I am a coffee addict! No hiding that one :) Days like this (ie: lots of work, little time) needs good coffee so I am calling out my Dolce Gusto coffee maker! Thank you, my little friend! It makes great coffee, fast and when I need it. A little bit of coffee shop, without having to leave my house...

The only issue that I have to raise (and I actually did actually email the company about this) is: why does Denmark have so much better strong/dark coffees? Skaane roast? Seriously! Couldn't you make this available here too? I promise that I would make it worth your while ;) I guess they think that all North Americans like weak coffee.... boo! Anyway, the good coffee capsules that I do buy are good ones... just a bit jealous ;)

This is how I am getting through my last push of corrections (the grades are due today):

Good day to you all :)

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