Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mini golf for mini men ;)

On our last day in Tremblant, we decided to play a round of mini golf, aka the Tremblant Tornadoes were back in action ;) It was a lot of fun when we figured out that absolutely no one should stand anywhere near Oliver when he tries to hit the ball!!!! Thankfully no one got hurt and the only tears happened when the game was finished and we had to leave the course :)

We're back home now, which means laundry and homework time!

I told you.... scary ;)


  1. Our family have always loved mini golf and it a game all ages can play together and a lot of our summer vacations night have been spend playing wither mini golf ore badminton. .:-)

    1. This was only our second time playing. I had much more fun than I had expected. I am sure it will continue to be a tradition. I love badminton... thanks for the reminder. I'll have to get a game :)