Sunday, May 4, 2014

Muffin Sunday

I am the type of person that really hates to waste food. One of my favourite cooking passtimes is to find good ways in which to empty the bottom of the fridge. Usually it is soups but today was muffins!
I used a standard type of muffin recipe but added in coconut oil (instead of the vegetable oil), coconut flour (half regular flour/half coconut flour for a nice flavour), shaved almonds, some apples that didn't look so great anymore, an apple sauce that the boys aren't too fond of, vanilla extract, dates, some mushy bananas that I had on the counter and tons of cinnamon. I didn't even have to add in any sugar! My taste test: Nicka, who is some kind of sugar addict, actually ate one and asked for another one! This means that the recipe is a keeper! Next time, I think that raisins would be really good to add in.... :)
Happy Sunday!

Ready for the oven

Still warm

Ready for coffee and snack time :)

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