Monday, May 19, 2014

Garden delights

We spent this holiday Monday (Queen Victoria Day/Journée des Patriotes) busy in the garden. We planted herbs, lettuce, flowers and made up some pots with purple petunias (yes, I found some nice ones!) to put outside our front door. Everyone ended up tired from being in the sun, especially Oliver, so I took him for a little drive. He totally hates to nap so I had to fool him into getting a little sleep in the car ;) Tonight there is a big hockey game (Hockey is VERY big here- that will be another story!) so I'll let the boys stay up a little bit. Good rest of the day to you all!



Our new fig tree

Can't even remember what we have in here!

Garden clean up

Apple blossoms

Petunia pots

Oliver sleeping in the car

Enjoying the late afternoon


  1. Wauw that looks rely good. :-)

    1. It is amazing that all these plants survived the winter! Digging in the dirt is pure heaven :)