Saturday, May 10, 2014


When we lived in Copenhagen, we lived in a fairly small apartment of about 68 square meters. It was a cute place and we just got used to living small. Even when Alexander came along, it was cosy and a nice apartment to live in. When we moved to Canada and bought a house, we were so used to living in a small space that we rarely used the downstairs. Even with 2 more boys in the mix, we still don't really use it that much. I don't know why because in the summer it is a perfect place to be since it is so much cooler than the upstairs. Over the past 2 days, I have decided to make it cosier so that the space will be used more. Especially with me being mostly at home with the boys this summer, it will be a great place to escape the heat. One of these days, the playroom feeling wll be replaced with each of the bigger boys having their own space downstairs but, in the mean time, here it is!

The cat finds it cosy... that is always a good start!

Thank you, Ikea! ;)

Can't get rid of this old rocking horse... it used to be mine when I was little!

I gave away about 3 big boxes of old toys.... so we have a bit more space now!

The sitting area

Oliver the Builder!

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