Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Tremblant Tornadoes

Our day started pretty early because the boys absolutely had to go and play on the adventure car. I felt bad; it was really quiet (off season) and I felt like we were the tornado family ;) Anyway, despite the noisy start, we had a great day. We spent the afternoon at the Aqua Club, had pizza and ice cream for dinner (and not in that order) and Oliver got to make his own teddy bear at a place called Univers Toutou (a bit like Build-a-Bear).
After I get off my computer, Andreas and I are planning to open a bottle of nice wine and watch all the people go by our window. We'll be leaving just after lunch tomorrow so that we can get some homework done and relieve the dog sitter..... so no one think that our house it empty- it is not ;)

 Wishing you all a great Saturday night! :)

The Tornado Boys

I NEED to drive that car!

We just need to pose and then go back to making lots of noise!

Brave father... ;)

Rather be shopping? ;)

Temporary dragging Oliver away from the car

Tremblant business

More Tremblant businesses

In jail! ;)

This is what I felt like I was doing.....

..... when I actually should have been here ;) Haha!


  1. It looks like you had a lovely day and hopefully also a nice weekend :-D

    1. We did! Tusind tak! Hope you also had a good weekend with your new Italian friend ;)