Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What a MondayTuesday!

Today was a definite MondayTuesday! It all started off with a morning where just about everyone thought it was hard to get up...
- Alexander forgot the yellow jersey that he needed to wear for his school's pride event.
- I felt bad but had NO idea that he needed a yellow jersey.
- I even dressed him in a black t-shirt, of all colours!
- The nice little drizzle that started in the early morning turned into freezing rain.
- Andreas was going to take the yellow jersey to Alexander but ended up having to scrape ice off the car instead.
- We were late taking the younger boys to school because we had to scrape a ton of ice off the cars.
- Andreas and I missed our train and had to take the next one.
- I decided to take a taxi and miss my lovely walk because I would be late.... and soaking wet... for my 10:05 am class.
- I made it to work at 9:45 and found that I had run out of coffee :(
- I taught from 10:05 until 11:25... which ended up being more like 11:30.
- In my 10:05 class, I found out that the projector (that I needed) was broken.
- I taught from 11:35 until 2:25... which ended up being more like 2:35 because the student evaluations that I was doing ran late.
- I taught from 2:40 until 3:55.
- I found out that the projector that was broken in my 10:05 class was STILL broken and I needed it for the student presentations in my 2:40 class.
- I ended up eating my lunch at 2:45... and, unfortunately, it was a stinky lunch... but I had to eat it during the student presentations.
- I had to rush out at 3:55 to catch the train so that I could pick up the kids on time. By the time that I actually got out of the building, it was 4:03 :(
- Every boy had homework that they suddenly remembered...
- Andreas was held up at work...
- I had to clean up cat throw up from the floor.... and there is nothing more disgusting than cold,wet cat throw up :(
- It is 8:04pm and Alexander is still practising his baritone downstairs....
- The younger boys don't like the sound of the baritone...
- Isn't it bed time yet? ;)

Happy Monday-Tuesday... may tomorrow be a better one ;) xox

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