Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finding the happiness

We ended up with more snow last night but we are not letting it get us down! It was dusting but, as it is also pretty cold (we went from +15  C to -8 C over yesterday) the snow is not melting as fast as I would like... Tomorrow is supposed to warm up- just in time for the long Easter break :) We are all finding our happiness :)

This evening we are going to the Art Gala at the boys' school... maybe I will be able to post some really cool pictures tomorrow. The art that the kids make is always so impressive!

Good evening to all :)

New snow :P

Alexander's Lego happiness... the CN tower!

Oliver's happiness: sun artwork

Nicka's happiness: chocolate cookie eyes ;)

My happiness: new Birkenstocks and silver toe nails ;)

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