Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Running homework and mail from the tooth fairy...

Nicka will be participating in a school fun run so, as homework, he is being encouraged to practice running at home. Since the boys were a pack of energy yesterday afternoon, I decided to take them for a run. Andreas wasn't home yet so Oliver got a piggyback ride (yes, I felt a little like a pack mule) and the boys and I went for a run around the block. Of course, both Nicka and Alexander ended up competing with each other and they both fell.... I swear the neighbours were looking at me like I was crazy ;)

Alexander got a card from the Tooth Fairy with some money in it. The note was to apologize for having forgotten to pick up his lost tooth the night before. I am sure that the Tooth Fairy felt very bad but she must have been very busy ;) He seemed to have forgiven her... whew!

After the run... we look SO excited....

Nicka in action

Card from the Tooth Fairy :P

The writing looks vaguely familiar ;)

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