Saturday, April 12, 2014

Playing outside :)

Today, I played soccer in the morning (awesome game! Thanks, ladies) and then we took the boys to the dentist (OK... this activity was maybe not so awesome). Since they did so well and had no cavities, we made a trip to the Lego store for a small treat. Yes, I will OWN that store ;) For the rest of the afternoon, we all played outside! It was so nice to hear the boys shout and play while we cleaned up our garden. Andreas has been shovelling the snow from our yard onto the street so it melts faster ;) When the sun shines and the weather turns nice, it seems that everyone wakes up from their hibernation. I had the chance to see neighbours that I hadn't seen around all winter. The boys got to play with the next door boy who they had basically not seen since November... Everyone commented on how nice it was to see spring at last!
Now it is time for bath and a bit of cosiness.... good night to all!

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