Friday, April 18, 2014

Visiting the mother ship ;)

 Suggesting to go to Ikea always gets a positive reaction from Andreas (reminder: he is Swedish). When the boys were younger, he used to get them to wave to the Swedish flag in the parking lot. Needless to say, he doesn't quite get the co-operation that he used to ;) He also loved to ask the Quebec sales people for items in their "real" Swedish names (ie: Kivik) and get lost looks from them. Now we just go there and do LARGE amounts of our grocery shopping: ost, köttbullar, kaffe, prinses tårta, lingonsylt, gräddsås, Kalles Kaviar.... anyway, you get the idea. Funny thing is that a lot of that we buy now at Ikea were things that we bought at the local grocery when we were living in Sweden. 
We also bought a lot of things that we-never-knew-that-we-needed-but-became-convinced-that-we-needed-it-the-moment-that-we-walked-into-the-store ;) Today, we got the Ikea Family card... we are now truly Swedish ;) 


Of course!

For our kitchen....

New glasses

Oliver hiding in an Ikea bin

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