Sunday, April 6, 2014

Basketball champs and a bit of Lego love

Alexander's basketball team played in the finals today..... and WON! It was a great game! I am starting to become really impressed at how well some of these boys play. Don't get me wrong; all of the boys have been in sports since they could basically walk but there, suddenly, comes a time when they are no longer little boys and it really shows when they play.
Of course, after collecting their gold medals, the reward for hard work was a trip to the new Lego store and ice cream. Honestly, the shop was really well set up and a little piece of heaven for my boys :) After making a set of 3 figurines, they were pretty well in love with the place. Reminder to wallet.... let's not do it too often ;)
Tomorrow is election day here in Quebec so I am staying home with the boys. Sometime over the day, I will have to cast my ballot. Should make for an interesting Monday.....
Now time for a little Sunday night cosy (hygge)! Happy evening to you all!
The champs!
Lego Master in action
Lego Masters in training ;)
So much to choose from!
Happy boys!
Heaven :)

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