Saturday, April 5, 2014

Paleo chocolate cake... yum!

I want to start off by saying that I am not following a paleo diet, although there are aspects of it which I could really get into (that sounds really scientific, no?). Desert is one of the areas where I would really like to replace white/refined sugars with healthier options. Today I had the chance to experiment with a paleo desert because we had some friends over for coffee who are (wisely) trying to improve their diets... and, given that I had warned them ahead of time, proved to be great guinea pigs for this new recipe for a paleo/gluten free chocolate cake ;)
I had my doubts but 1) it was really easy to make and 2) it tasted really good! It was moist, not too sweet but still rich and chocolate-y. I guess if you wanted more sweetness/goo, then you could always put chocolate chips in it. Keeping with the paleo/gluten free theme, I found some chocolate chips at the health food store that could work perfectly (maybe next time). I added slivered almonds on the top and I was happy with the outcome.
My husband pretended to complain about it but, after our friends left, he actually confessed that it wasn't too bad. I take this as very positive because he is hard core sugar ;) The boys actually liked it... :)
Before baking...
Finished product! I doubled the recipe so that is why there are 2 :)


  1. Yommi, et rely lokks god andI have tasted similarly cakes and they rely aren't that bad. :-)

  2. It was pretty good- very rich and sweet but without all the white flour/sugar. I really want to discover some more "healthy" recipes.... guilt-free pleasures ;)