Friday, May 22, 2015

Saying goodbye to one family member... and saying hello to another :)

It is no secret: Andreas and I drive rust boxes ;) Our "new car" is 10 years old and the "old car" is a teenager ;) Anyway, while we were *just looking* at a car dealership, we found our ideal car... used and on sale! We needed to get something in the near future because our family just didn't fit in Andreas' car anymore (it only seats 4 so I was out). We just didn't imagine this soon! Anyway, today we sold our trusty old Nissan to the lovely young daughter of close friends of ours and we welcomed our newest family member....  I guess we are now unintentional members of the mini van club ;) While I have never been a big fan of mini vans, I'll suck it up because of the heated seats and sun roof ;) The boys are excited to have leg room for a change and now we can do groceries without having to have them sit on it/put it on their laps for the car ride home.... Andreas is a happy man in the new car- now we just have to figure out what all the buttons do and hope that he doesn't find the "eject the naggy wife" feature ;)

Happy Friday to you all... we're going for a drive xox

The last "sit" on the old Nissan

Andreas saying good bye to his car...

In the new car!

Welcome to the Honda!


  1. They are shining; car and husband ;-) And the boys as well!!!
    I wish the car will take you everywhere safely, X
    Good weekend!!

    1. Thank you, Ageeth! The boys are all fighting over it ;) It is fine with me because I get lots of chauffeuring around ;)

  2. Congratulation with the new car :-)
    I can imagine that your hubby spends a lot of time in and around it. :-D

    1. Tusind tak! Yes, Andreas is like a bee.... always hovering around the car and looking for errands that he can run with it ;)